Virtual Schedule



Friday, August 5th

7:00am PT 10:00am ET



Designing Your Blueprint for Meaningful Work

Personal Meets Professional Virtual Workshop

Arthur Woods, Co-Founder, Imperative

8:30am PT
11:30am ET


9:00am PT
12:00pm ET 



“What the Bleep is Social Good?”

Livestreamed Plenary

Vu Le, Executive Director and Writer, Rainier Valley Corps and Nonprofit with Balls

10:00am PT 1:00pm ET



Attract, Engage, Inspire – Leading Change in Our Shifting World

21st Century Leadership Virtual Workshop

Shelley K. Milne, Nonprofit Success Strategist, Nonprofit I.Q.

11:30am PT 2:30pm ET




The Power of Online Technology for EDI

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Workshop

Emily Rasowsky, Director of Marketing and Founder, Social Driver and Women in Tech Campaign

1:00pm PT 
4:00pm ET



“How Networks are Changing the World”

Exclusive Virtual Plenary

Ami Dar, Founder and Executive Director, Idealist

1:30pm PT 
4:30pm ET

Virtual Conference Concludes


Plenary Session

“How Networks are Changing the World”

What could we accomplish if we were part of a global network that connects people and organizations to do more with all the resources we have? This is the question founder of, Ami Dar, asked himself when backpacking across Chile over thirty years ago. Since then he has built a network that leverages the knowledge and skills of idealists around the globe to make the world a better place. Through the lens of his personal leadership experiences, Ami will share how the increased connectivity of people and organizations through networks are changing the world and what leaders like you can do to activate these networks to make an impact.



Ami Dar is the founder and executive director of Launched in 1996, Idealist has become one of the most popular nonprofit resources on the web, connecting 120,000 organizations around the world with millions of people every month. Ami was born in Jerusalem, grew up in Peru and in Mexico, and lives in New York.


Virtual Workshops

Designing Your Blueprint for Meaningful Work

You spend the majority of your life working so it's vital that you are thriving and fulfilled on the job. In this interactive webinar we'll harness breakthrough research on purpose to help you uncover what uniquely drives you in your day to day then help you frame a more compelling narrative, team up and take action that brings you to your best. This session is ideal for someone seeking to learn and apply more about him/herself and to make their work more fulfilling. By taking part in this webinar you'll gain access to a free personalized report of your Purpose Drivers by Imperative.

Arthur_Woods_copy.pngArthur Woods (@ArthurWoods) is an entrepreneur, writer, global speaker and advisor to leading brands on the future of work. He is the Co-founder of Imperative, a company leading the research and innovation on purpose in the workplace. Arthur previously worked at Google where led operations for YouTube’s Education division and oversaw YouTube for Schools. Arthur co-founded the Compass Fellowship, the largest collegiate social enterprise training program and Out in Tech, the leading global LGBTQ technology community. Arthur studied Operations and information Management at Georgetown University and Project Management at Stanford University. He is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, a New York Venture Fellow He is a two-times TEDx speaker and he has been featured in FastCompany, Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post, Washington Post and ABC. He now sits on the Boards of the Georgetown Technology Alliance, Compass Partners and Out in Tech.   

Attract, Engage, Inspire – Leading Change in Our Shifting World

Our world and our nonprofit community are undergoing unprecedented changes. Learn how to employ timeless wisdom and leadership principles from the masters to help create amazing organizations positioned for ongoing success.


Shelley Milne has spent the past 20 years working in the nonprofit field and the past 14 years consulting with nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. Shelley recently founded Nonprofit I.Q. to help leaders from small to mid-sized nonprofits learn how to create efficient, effective, and fundable organizations positioned for ongoing growth and sustainability.


The Power of Online Technology for EDI

Learn how to use social media and digital technology to make true change. The power of online technology has catalyzed our ability to create a more just and equitable world. Hear from a social media professional on how she was able to leverage the power of people and channel that into the launch of a business focused on inclusion of women in the digital space called, All Women in Tech. This panel will include a short introduction to digital and social media and then a hands on, live 'digital event' where we will hold a virtual group discussion on Twitter during the actual session. Bring your Twitter accounts, phones and an open mind about how to advance equity, diversity and inclusion. 

Emily Rasowsky is an award winning presenter, digital strategist and trainer. As the Director of Marketing at Social Driver, a digital innovation agency in Washington, DC, Emily works with Fortune 100 companies, nonprofits and top associations to launch full-scale, integrated social media campaigns and websites. Examples of her work include helping a NASA supported program reach over 40 million people; and helping Washington, DC run the most successful digital marketing campaign at SXSW.

Emily was recently named an Emerging Leader of the Year by Washington Women in PR and is the Founder of the Women in Tech Campaign and a 500 hour certified yoga instructor.