Schedule Overview

The #ynpn16 Activate! Summit and Leaders Institute will take place August 5-7 in Portland, Oregon.


The summit kicks off by providing attendees with space for the personal connections, big ideas, and skills they’ll need to build a more diverse and powerful social sector. Both emerging and experienced leaders are invited to the Activate! Summit on Friday, August 5th to network with national YNPN chapter leaders and participate in dialogue and skill-building workshops including:


  • Three Deep Dive sessions which offer attendees for the unique opportunity to spend the entire day thinking and learning about a particular topic or skill.

  • Spark sessions with local and national speakers to inspire and engage attendees, who are then given space to unpack those ideas through group dialogue.

  • Evening social and networking events aimed at strengthening relationships and building new connections.

Highlights of this year’s Summit themes include:

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • *Deep understanding of the power dynamics and systematic, historical, and cultural context in which they are trying to make change
  • *Authentic inclusion of diverse voices
  • *Making equity, diversity, and inclusion actions, not just ideals

21st Century Leadership

  • *Leaders as effective changemakers
  • *Bring innovative ideas, systems and approaches to the sector in ways that inspire big-picture thinking
  • *Strategies for building the social sector and a more just world 

Personal Meets Professional

  • *Understand how our personal values and experience shape our perspective and leadership
  • *Improve our emotional intelligence
  • *Learn how developing personal narratives and storytelling can advance our network, organizations, and work

Attendance: Nonprofit professionals from Portland and throughout Oregon; YNPN Chapter Leaders from across the country 



YNPN Chapter Leaders from across the country come to the YNPN Leaders Institute to build network-wide relationships and increase the impact of their local chapter programming. These attendees are actively involved in developing and delivering the programming for the Leaders Institute on August 6th and 7th. 

Highlights of this year’s Leaders Institute include:


  • Peer-led workshops which give chapter leaders the chance to share their chapter’s expertise in an area and participants the chance to learn with and from their peers.

  • One-on-one career and leadership professional coaching sessions.

  • Evening social and networking events aimed at strengthening YNPN Chapter Leader relationships and connecting out of state participants to the local community.

Attendance: YNPN Chapter Leaders from across the country; YNPN Portland members as attendees and presenters