Overview of Deep Dives


The YNPN National Conference: Change in Action will provide attendees with space for the personal connections, big ideas, and skills they need to build a more diverse and powerful social sector.  

One way the conference creates this space is through Deep Dive sessions which offer attendees the unique opportunity to spend time in an extended workshop thinking and learning more deeply about a particular topic or skill.  Facilitated by an expert trainer, deep dive sessions are a "roll up your sleeves" experience that gives attendees a chance to explore their leadership on a deeper level.

At the 2018 YNPN National Conference, deep dive sessions will be offered beginning on Sunday, July 29 and Monday, August 30. Below are examples of the sessions offered at the 2017 conference.  The 2018 Deep Dive sessions will be announced in May.


Leading From Where You Are (Leaders Institute)

Sunday, August 13
Presented by: MacArthur Antigua, Camille Johnston and Ashley B. Stewart, Co-Facilitators, Annie E. Casey Foundation

The YNPN origin story is a testament to the notion that powerful change doesn’t just happen from obeying the hierarchy, but from powerful leadership that can be exercised from any level.  Rooted in the practice of Results Count – (a results-based leadership development methodology) participants will have the opportunity to work through some of their toughest leadership challenges they face on the job, within their chapter and across the national YNPN movement.  By the end of this day, YNPN chapter leaders will have a better understanding of their roles in order to make bold and specific action commitments to address the leadership challenges they have identified. Additionally, leaders will have an opportunity to reexamine their roles and formal and informal authority to make decisions about how they will exercise their leadership across the complex systems (job, chapter, field) in which they work.

Participants will...

  • *be exposed to and apply Results Based Leadership skills and tools that will enable them to have role clarity as they drive results within their organization and within their local YNPN Chapter;
  • *have a shared understanding of YNPN’s national priorities and identify opportunities to exercise greater influence in the social sector;
  • *develop a stronger affinity as peer professionals, chapter leaders and as contributors to the national YNPN movement; and 
  • *identify the most powerful action steps they can take toward becoming more powerful, engaged leaders at the organizational, chapter and national levels.

Managing Upward: Initiating Difficult Conversations with Leadership

Monday, August 14
Presented by: Catherine Perry PCC, Founder, Inwardbound Center for Nonprofit Leadership

Managing upward never ends. Even CEOs report to boards, funders, and community leaders. Successfully managing upward accelerates career growth and lowers stress. Don’t wait to start the path to mastery. Through interactive exercises, discover how to:

  • *Customize a short ‘script’ that works uniquely for you to create alignment
  • *Insure others feel deeply heard by you
  • *Diffuse the 4 toxins — defensiveness, blaming, stonewalling, and contempt  when tensions are high

An added benefit: you’ll immediately apply these skills to giving and receiving performance feedback with everyone you work.


Wiser Than a Tree Full of Owls: Leadership and the Power of Being

Sunday, August 13 and Monday, August 14
Presented by: Val Porter, Consultant, Blaze: Leadership for Trailblazers

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to have someone talk at you about your career. This is not one of them. We’re going to sit down together and have a conversation about you: who you are, where you’re going and how to ensure you don’t suck when you arrive.

Key Learnings:

  • *Your Personal Leadership Perspective
  • *The Seven Qualities of Powerful Leaders
  • *How to Change Bad Leadership Behavior
  • *The Importance of Birds, Be’s (this is not a typo) and Trees