Overview of Deep Dives


The Activate! Summit will provide attendees with space for the personal connections, big ideas, and skills they’ll need to build a more diverse and powerful social sector.  Deep Dive sessions offer attendees the unique opportunity to spend an entire day thinking and learning about a particular topic or skill.

The Deep Dive topics for this year include: 

Strategic Interventions: Moving from ‘Diversity’ to Racial Equity
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Track
Emily Drew, Associate Professor of Sociology, Willamette University
Margarita Gutierrez, President of Executive Committee, VOZ Workers' Rights Education Project 

Session Description

Through this deep dive, Crossroads facilitators will take participants through a process that problematizes the “diversity” discourses that prevent many of our organizations from being equitable and accountable to the communities we serve.  We will delve into systemic racism and ask participants to apply this analysis to their own organizations.  In doing so, they will illuminate areas in which strategic interventions could make a meaningful difference in producing racially equitable outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Begin internalizing a shared language for talking effectively about systemic racism, helping to normalize the discussion within your organization;

  • Examine racism as a systemic issue operating institutionally and culturally in the United States, and not only an issue of individual attitudes and actions;

  • Consider the challenges of building inclusive organizational culture and putting into place equitable practices, both internally and with the people we serve;

  • Explore approaches to dismantling racism that can provide the foundation for institutional interventions against systemic racism, specifically in your professional organization.


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About Crossroads

Crossroads’ mission is to dismantle systemic racism and build antiracist multicultural diversity within institutions and communities by training institutional transformation teams. We are guided by the following principles:

  • The work of Crossroads is based upon a systemic analysis of racism and its individual, institutional and cultural manifestations;

  • Crossroads seeks to be accountable in its work to those who share a common analysis of racism, and especially to communities of color;

  • Crossroads understands its antiracism work to be part of a national and global movement for racial justice and social equality;

  • Crossroads recognizes that resistance to racism also requires resistance to all other forms of social inequality and oppression. In recognition that white supremacy dehumanizes people and objectifies the natural world, Crossroads antiracist vision is no less than the restoration of all creation.


Leading with Emotional Intelligence
21st Century Leadership Track
Signe Bishop, M.A., Learning & Development Specialist, Oregon Health & Science University

Session Description

Leaders with high emotional intelligence (EQ) are some of the best people to work with; they project confidence, are self-aware, understand what motivates others, and are effective collaborators and team members. Luckily, EQ skills can be learned, practiced, and improved! Participants in this session will gain practical strategies for increasing EQ to better manage themselves, others, and teams. Come prepared to engage in interactive learning activities, group discussion, self-reflection, and EQ goal-setting.

Learning Objectives

After completing this session, participants will be able to:

  • Define EQ and describe the model’s four core skills and two primary competencies

  • Identify and implement strategies to increase their own EQ

  • Establish group norms that build the EQ of teams and work-groups


Leading from the Inside Out
Personal Meets Professional Track
Amy Varga, Principal & Founder, Varga Consulting LLC
Amie Fishman, Project Director, Educator & Trainer


Session Description

Working for social change requires that we envision and work towards a different kind of future, a world transformed. To realize that vision, we need to work from the inside out, developing our own abilities to lead effectively and powerfully. At the heart of leadership is the courage to be fully human, to deeply care, to take bold risks, to learn and grow, and to stay committed even in the face of never-ending change and uncertainty. In this deep dive, we will join together as change makers to practice bringing our full humanity to our work. 

We will engage in large and small group activities focused on self-reflection, asking relevant questions, and storytelling. We will immerse ourselves in these questions:

  • What drives my commitment to and vision for this work?
  • What does it mean to grow myself to be the leader my community needs?

Learning Objectives

You will leave with:  

  • A deeper understanding of leadership as an embodied, self-reflective practice
  • An inspired and clear vision for your work
  • Practical tools and resources to deal more effectively and adaptively with leadership challenges
  • A community of peers to call on as your journey continues