Overview of Deep Dives


Deep Dive Sessions

Deep Dives offer attendees the unique opportunity to spend time in an extended workshop thinking and learning more deeply about a particular topic or skill. Facilitated by an expert trainer, deep dive sessions are a "roll up your sleeves" experience that gives attendees a chance to explore their leadership on a deeper level.

Introduction to Systematic Racism:

The purpose of this workshop is to explore racism as a systemic, institutional problem of power that goes beyond personal prejudice. Participants will experience first-hand Crossroads' effective methodology for facilitating productive conversations about race. They will also be be introduced to a strategic methodology that can assist people effectively organize to dismantle racism in their institutions. This workshop has been developed and is facilitated by Michael P. Russell and Lori Adam of Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training, a recognized leader in the field.

Outward Leadership: 

This workshop is designed to significantly advance leaders’ abilities to implement outward mindset ways of working within their teams and organizations, rather than inward ways of approaching problems, which can lead to tunnel vision, silos, and low morale. The training includes tools for building self-awareness, changing mindset, creating accountability for self and teams, and collaborating more effectively. This workshop will be led by Jo Schaeffer of the Arbinger Institute.

YNPN strategy session:

We know we want to build the diverse and powerful social sector that our communities need; now let's talk about how we come together as a network to do that. In this working session we will discuss ways we can coordinate across our network for both local and national sector change toward the results laid out in YNPN National's new strategic plan. Chapters will have the opportunity to discuss strategic planning, fundraising, and capacity building with their peers, as well as doing some radical reimagining of what's possible for our sector with the YNPN National team. This session will be led by Jamie Smith, YNPN Executive Director, and members of the National Board.